Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Hydrangea is the meaning for thankfulness.........

Summer is coming to an end!
Time sure does fly................!!!Isn't it?!
The blue hydrangeas are very popular flowers in this summer time.
Did you know you can change the color of certain hydrangea blooms by adjusting the PH of soil and its mineral content?
~~ Just lowering PH and an abundance of aluminum in the soil can encourage blue hydrangea blooms~~.
Why do people like to grow blue hydrangeas in their gardens in the summer time?
It's because blue hydrangeas symboilze gratitude and thankfulness.
Would you like to display some faux blue hydrangeas in your home or even wedding and party events in any season?
Please check our selection of stunning blue hydrangea stem,bush,garland,wreath,and pre-made arrangement.

                                22" Hydrangea Spray


                                   22" Hydrangea Bush x5

                               20" Hydrangea Bush x7
                                           FBQ948-BL/DL                            11.5" Hydrangea/Berry Bouquet 

12"Dx6"H Hydrangea Candle Ring w/3.5" Glass Candleholder x1 w/o Candle

                                           FGH423-BL/LV                                5' Hydrangea/Berry Garland

FWH378-BL/TT24" Hydrangea Wreath
11" Hydrangea in Glass Vase
25"Hx30"Wx30"L Hydrangea/Peony/Anemone in Resin Urn

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