Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mahogany means durable,sturdiness,yet stylish

 Mahogany has a beautiful finish and is a very durable wood .
It's most often used in a traditional style,but mahogany accents can complement almost any decorating style.
Consider adding some mahogany accent pieces,such as a coffee table,bench,chair,dining table..............,they will bring immediate attention to a room.

                                                        17.5"Hx17.5"Wx55"L Bench

                                                   46.8"Hx31.5"Wx65"L Long Chair 

                                            30.7"Hx39.3"Wx70.8"L Table Mahogany

                                               24"Dx24"H French Round Coffee Table

                                                     18"Dx48"H French Round Coffee table

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