Saturday, April 13, 2013

A perfect transform

Masterpiece London is the capital’s leading art and antiques fair and is a forum for distinctive design and aesthetic excellence where every exhibit is scrutinized by a team of experts to ensure every confidence in each purchase.

There were ten seating areas within the fair which all had large display spaces in the center.

These arrangements stood at least nine foot off the ground and were placed on clear plinths and urns to give the illusion that the flowers were floating in the air.

For the Information Desk, surround the central feature of a lit tree with urns of brightly colored flowers.

The explosions of blooms were the perfect way to greet guests as they walked into the entrance area, creating the perfect wow factor.

Do you get some inspiration ?
I know, I do !
Get the look :
Delphinium Spray x2 w/Water-Proof Stem ,
Vanda Orchid Spray ,
Peony Spray w/Bud,
Dahlia spray,
Poppy Spray x2 w/1 Flw. & 1 Bud ,
Daisy bush,
Wave Anemone Bush x8 ,
Wild Dill Bush .
28" Vanda Orchid Spray

35" Delphinium Spray x2 w/Water-Proof Stem
19.5" Peony Spray w/Bud
29.5" Dahlia Spray

28" Poppy Spray x2 w/1 Flw. & 1 Bud
22" Daisy Bush

25" Daisy Spray

20" Wave Anemone Bush x8
13" Wild Dill Bush
 Hope the post brighten your day !!

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