Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Flowers & Ice cream

Kinfolk Magazine sure knows how to get you excited for Spring!
Their 7th volume is sprinkled with flowers and ice cream delicately designed by botanical maven Amy Merrick. Photographer Parker Fitzgerald captures perfectly melted ice cream blended with pastel hues of various Spring flowers.

This is sprinkled with flowers and ice cream.

This ice corn just hold the flowers.

                                                                     More flowers..........

( by Kinfolk Magazine )
 This unconventional combination is a simple idea executed into a brilliantly vibrant editorial.
 Now who wants some ice cream?
Get the look :
Dahlia spray, 
 Garden Dahlia Spray ,
 Dinner Plate Dahlia Spray .
29" Dahlia Spray

 37" Garden Dahlia Spray
25.5" Dinner Plate Dahlia Spray

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