Sunday, April 21, 2013

Clean,crisp pallettes

We all know that home should be a sanctuary.
Take a look at some of these gorgeous rooms.

The home has elegant elements and at the same time appears very comfortable and liveable!
 We think you'll feel right at home!
Let's play with silkflowers with :
Wisteria spray,
Glass vase,
Forsythia Spray,
Large Moroccan Glass Vase,
Curly Willow Twig Bush w/Lvs.,
  Medium Rose Spray.
38" Wisteria Spray
7.5"Dx16"H Glass Vase
38" Forsythia Spray
10"Dx25"H Large Moroccan Glass Vase
29" Curly Willow Twig Bush w/Lvs.
9"Dx17"H Glass Vase
 23" Single Medium Rose Spray x1


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