Sunday, April 14, 2013

" The Cold Bloom of a Torn Heart " by Kirsty Mitchell

                                                   The Cold Bloom of a Torn Heart!
The original pictures of ‘The Queen’s Centurion’ were beautiful, but weren’t purposeful enough to communicate her part in the tale.

Let see behind the scenes photos as :

Coating the hand painted flowers in plastic

Creating the shrine from painted tree roots, flowers, and liquid plastic to give the wax appearance.

The art is addiction!
Absolutely beautiful !!
The amount of work that put into the production is incredible.
Get the look with silk flowers :
Glitter/Sequin Rose Spray ,
Isabel Rose Stem,
Margaret Rose Spray,
Black Magic Peony Spray,
Rhinestone Key Ornament ,
22" Glitter/Sequin Rose Spray
  28.5" Isabel Rose Stem

28" Margaret Rose Spray
18.5" Black Magic Peony Spray
6" Rhinestone Key Ornament
10" Key Ornament

8.5" Metal Key Ornament



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