Friday, June 14, 2013

A Tropical Retreat

It’s all about indoor-outdoor living at the novelist’s Key West, Florida, home, where relaxed interiors give way to generous terraces and an enchanting palm-fringed garden.

A garden rich with palms and orchids borders the Florida living room of writer Judy Blume and her husband, George Cooper.

It's all about "Judy Blume's Tropical Retreat."
Get the inspiration as:
Hydrangea in Ceramic Pot,
Phalaenopsis Orchid Spray,
Round Metal Container,
 Peony/Lilac/Berry in Glass Vase,
Phalaenopsis Orchid in Terra Cotta Container

28" Phalaenopsis Orchid Spray w/5 Flw. & 2 Buds
                                                  11"H-20"H Round Metal Container
 8.5" Hydrangea in Ceramic Pot
 13" Peony/Lilac/Berry in Glass Vase
36"Hx10"Wx10"L Phalaenopsis Orchid in Terra Cotta Container


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