Tuesday, June 25, 2013

CHIC HARMONY - Wedding Setup ~~ by DesignlabEvents

Designlab events focus all their efforts on a limited number of events per year, their aim is always to transform the wedding venue into a new experience for one special night. 

Here is about :CHIC HARMONY

The dinner area was inspired by a flower shop or and garden, with the design principles of using fixtures that felt “timeworn” or “distressed”.
The finish and colors of the furniture all interacted with the food and accessories.
The structure of the nooks in the cupboards allowed for them to be filled with goodies and food that was coordinated to fit in every space.
The tables were piled high with a romantic setup, utilizing flowers and other elegant accessories that looked comfortable and inviting.

Cozy, fresh, relaxed and at the same time soft and opulent. Taking inspiration from a “cottage-style decor” and other French-style details .
Turned this event space into... a lovely and comfortable setting.
Ecrus, aquas, soft neutral colors such as sky blue, rose pink and a variety of pastel shades created the unique feel of harmony within such a complex arrangement.
The main room featured the bride entering and walking under a 30 meter lace umbrella that engulfed the space.
This created a very dramatic ambience within the room, while the lace design detail united the overall look.
we check the vedio below :
              ( DesignelabEvents )
We like to get floral arrangment from The Silk Flower Depot :
Agapanthus in Glass Vase,
 Pastel Rose in Urn,
Ranunculus/Tea Rose in Glass Tray on Pedestal,
 Rose in Vase Rose,
Peony/Hydrangea/Pansy in Container .
 9"Hx7"Wx8"L Rose in Vase Rose
13"Hx12"Wx12"L Ranunculus/Tea Rose in Glass Tray on Pedestal
 50"Hx31"W Agapanthus in Glass Vase
 9"Hx12"Wx11"L Pastel Rose in Urn

12" Peony in Glass Vase
19"Hx19"Wx19"D Peony/Hydrangea/Pansy in Container


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