Thursday, June 6, 2013

Warmth and style chic

We got those images from DustJacket .

Loving the warmth and style of this teak and limestone bathroom with chrome fixtures.
The beautiful caramel color of the teak bathtub, sinks and shelving is offset by the soft limestone tile and wall color.



 The wood is such a gorgeous golden colour !
The froal is simple & elegant !
Get the look with :
 Forsythia Spray,
Glass Cylinder Vase,
Supernova Lace Fern Spray,
Areca Palm Branch,
Glass Vase.,
 38" Forsythia Spray
 5.5"Dx14"H Glass Cylinder Vase
 20.5" Supernova Lace Fern Spray
44" Areca Palm Branch w/29 Lvs
12"H Glass Vase

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