Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wildflower aisle runner

                                                             Wildflower Aisle Runner

Create an enchanting ceremony path by adding untamed posies to a wooden flower frame. Echo the look with an equally abundant bouquet. At the reception, recycle your makeshift garden into an escort card display.

                                           We get this post from Martha Stewert's wedding.

                                                                Find wild flowers & greeneries from
                                                                        The Silk Flower Depot's
                                                                                  Collection as :

                                                                Sprengeri Fern Bundle,Berry Spray  ,
                                                                              Amaranthus Spray ,
                                                                                     Snapdragon Spray ,
                                                                                    Dahlia Spray.

36" Sprengeri Fern Bundle x5
31" Berry Spray  Green
 49" Amaranthus Spray

38" Snapdragon Spray

30" Dahlia Spray


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