Saturday, June 1, 2013

Some one like you

The last star to play Daisy on the big screen was Mia Farrow in 1974. Chanel Haute Couture chiffon, feather, and tulle dress with flouncing open shoulders. Twenties headband from New York Vintage.

( Vogue )
Exquisite beauty !
Simply glorious !
It is a delight to the eyes !
Get the froral arrangem look with :
 Baby Blossom Spray.
Bellflower Spray,
 Wild Daisy Spray ,
Mountain Hydrangea Spray ,
Glass Vase.

 27" Baby Blossom Spray x6
37" Bellflower Spray
29" Wild Daisy Spray x5 w/20 Flw. & 13 Sets of Lvs
 33" Mountain Hydrangea Spray

7"Dx15.5"H Glass Vase



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