Saturday, December 22, 2012

A winter favorite ~~ Amaryllis

There are several flowers and plants associated with the winter holidays (holly, mistletoe, paperwhites, and poinsettias…) but the most of  favorite winter bud for weddings is the stunning amaryllis.

                                                    ( from ElizabethAnneDesigns )

 It's not holly, mistletoe, paperwhites, or poinsettias...

It's the winter favorite ~~ Amaryllis.

Let's play them up with :

. 20" Amaryllis Bush x6
23.5" Mini Amaryllis Spray
30" Amaryllis Spray
 17.5" Ranunculus Spray
31" Hibiscus Spray x2 w/Bud

 4.5" Iced Amaryllis in Glass Vase Ornament

14" Amaryllis/Peony/Cedar in Glass Vase
28"Hx18"Wx27"L Amaryllis in Square Glass Vase
Have a great weekend !!

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