Friday, December 28, 2012

A winter gala

 A winter gala for the Art Institute or an anniversary party for one of Chicago’s leading society figures—consume much of his creative thinking and keep his design firm jumping ~~  designer Bill Heffernan.

The garden is composed of boxwood hedges highlighted by topiary cones and obelisks. There are oversized urns spilling with colored foliage plants that change with the seasons.

The tabletop, ensuring he has adequate place settings and ordering replacements to fill gaps.

Stringing Italian lights around the trees is favoring natural materials such as boughs covered in bright berries and the green of Granny Smith apples dotted over the boxwood bushes in the porch containers.

It's very impotant to make one last inspection of the garden before the party.

To attend to last-minute details.

To hung velvet curtains to enclose the pavilion for the party.

                                                               ( from TraditionalHome )


 57" Quince Blossom Branch
18.5"Hx18"Wx18"L Fiberglass Container
 11"Dx24"H Preserved Boxwood Ball Topiary in Pot
 24" Glittered Boxwood/Pine/Berry Topiary in Pot
28"Hx17"Wx20"L Calla Lily in Glass Vase
9"Hx7"Wx8"L Rose in Vase 
12" Plastic Boxwood Bush w/104 Cluster Lvs.
8" Apple Pick 
12.5"Hx13"Wx13"L Fiberglass Square Container


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