Monday, December 17, 2012

Pedestal and Arrangement chic

 Happy Monday to all-starting off this Monday morning with this image :
. 22" Rose/Lily Bush x24

22" Open Rose Spray
 41" Danica Ivy Hanging Bush x11 w/482 Lvs
 57" Willow Spray x3
55"Hx54"Wx54"L Dahlia/Iris/Hydrangea in Urn Beauty

 37.5"Hx22"Wx32"L Fiberglass Urn
18"Hx20"Wx20"L Fiberglass Victorian Pedestal
72"Hx14"Wx14"L Fiberglass Pedestal

22.5"Dx43.25"H Fiberglass Urn

 Have a great day !!


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