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Chanel's Scotland’s “romantic and barbarian” spirit 2012



( from Pursuitist )
Here’s an exclusive backstage pass to the Chanel Metiers d’Art Paris-Édimbourg 2012/13 show, at Linlithgow Palace (the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots in 1542), Kirkgate Linlithgow, on Tuesday December 4th. Karl Lagerfeld debuted his annual collection and paid homage to Coco Chanel by taking Chanel’s classic designs to a fresh and modern level inspired by Scottish patterns. Staying true to Coco’s philosophy, this show not only glorified the tweeds and knits, but was also an “anti-stiletto” collection, noted Lagerfeld backstage. Mixing wools, tartan and plaids with lace and chiffon, the collection beautifully juxtaposed the past and the present. The collection celebrated the newly-acquired Barrie knitwear Mill, with Lagerfeld being inspired by Scotland’s “romantic and barbarian” spirit.
Have you notice that there always a white little flower appeared in the Chanel's clothes or accessories? Do you know what kind of flower it is? It is Coco Chanel favourite flower -Camellia.

In the twenties, Proust, a Dumas enthusiast and ardent admirer of La Traviata, flaunted a camellia at the Salon de Guermantes, at a time when elegant young men sported carnations or gardenias on their lapels. Before long, it became the emblem of a new generation of dandies who casually pinned a camellia on their jackets. Coco Chanel, very much inspired by masculine clothes, borrowed the flower from these men. She was enchanted by its perfect, almost geometric roundness
Coco Chanel believed that beauty is nearly always born from radical simplicity. The camellia, with its minimalist lines, well-defined voluptuous curves and almost Art Nouveau design was destined to appeal to her as an aesthete and as an avant-garde designer.
She loved white and made it one of her signature colors because it evoked harmony, pure light, perfect and sensual beauty, restrained emotions, asceticism but also sumptuous simplicity.

As you can see, not only Coco Chanel got inspiration from the camellia, but also Karl Lagerfeld. Camellia became a signature of Chanel.

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