Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday morning inspiration : Red and pink hue

Happy Monday to all-starting off this Monday morning with a gorgeous Bouquet :

                                                                         ( from Zeit )

Combined with bright red, pink has only really: Rose Ohara , Rose Pink Piano field , Ranunculus Minstreel in Pink, Ranunculus Clooney Hanoi , Tulip Elzenburg , Rose Red Piano field , Rose Red Naom i, Ranunculus Minstreel in red, Ranunculus Clooney red reflex , Tulip Charming Unique

                                               *****  *****   *****   *****

You can compact faux-floral arrangement in rose, ranunculus ,and tulip instantly refreshes any space from Silk Flower Depot Collection.

27.5" Large Cottage Rose Bud Spray
11" Peony/Rose/Lilac Bouquet

24" Parrot Tulip Spray
22.5" Tulip Spray 
                                                             13" Ranunculus Spray
                                                 20" Double Ruffle Ranunculus Spray

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