Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Opulent Wreath for Holiday

( from interflora )
If you simply cannot face unpacking those same gold, red and green Christmas decorations this year, why not plan a departure from the traditional and opt for something altogether more glamorous. For a contemporary look warm pinks are a great alternative to traditional reds and look wonderful next to purple. An opulent wreath like this is sure to be a cheery sight all through the festive period.
17" Pearl Easter Egg Wreath
17" Beaded Heart Wreath Two Tone Pink
17" Robbin's Egg Wreath
18" Rose/Hydrangea Wreath
 18" Hydrangea Wreath
18" Gerbera Daisy Wreath
24" Cherry Blossom Wreath
 24" Forsythia Wreath
 22" Phalaenopsis Orchid Wreath
15.5"Wx12"L Heart Shape Rose Wreath
16" Rose Wreath
And more...


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