Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hello Holiday : Forest Murmurs............

                                                                       ( from Vogue )
 Claridge's unveils its Christmas tree, which this year is a collaboration with Kally Ellis - founder of British floral designers McQueens. Entitled Forest Murmurs, the contemporary festive design features magnolia branches and lichen moss studded with crystal and emerald jewel eggs in white, gold and silver.

                                                          Check the fun- must have  items
                                                                  The silk flower depot

Crystal Starburst Ornament
11" Crystal Drop w/Jewel Ornament
3" Assorted Leaf Pattern Glass Ornament (3 ea./set) Clear Silver


                                                                  3" Crystal Teardrop Ornament


                                                               36" Long Twig Spray

48" Glitter Magnolia Bud Spray
36" Moss Twig Branch





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